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Angular 2 and Django too


I gave a talk at Djangocon earlier this week on Angular 2 and Django REST – not so much an intro to Angular 2 (you can go through a tutorial for that), but talking about why Angular 2 is something to pay attention to, plus looking at how you might use Angular 2 and a […]


Programming the PDP11 (cool video)


I recently fired off a long thank you note to my university’s CS department and relayed a story about really enjoying the PDP11 module during a CS course. When the professors responded, they shared this amazing video series about the PDP11. And by “amazing” I mean “extremely cheesy and silly but also includes interesting computer […]

Philly Tech Week 2016 Retrospective


I’m sure all the organizers of Philly Tech Week events, and the organizing team of the festival itself, are still recovering. As a community organizer, I have (and have expressed in public) mixed feelings about Philly Tech Week – our vibrant happy tech scene smooshes a pile of events into a 10 day period (dear […]


Shut up and color


Something not a lot of people on this Internet know about me is that my partner was in the military (USAF) for many years of our marriage and relationship. If you were in the military, or have family/friends/loved ones who have been, the phrase “shut up and color” might be familiar to you, but if […]