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Thoughts on Cory Doctorow’s Keynote at HOPE XI


This past weekend, I (finally!) got to check out the HOPE conference. I missed two years ago to various work nonsense (mostly being guilt-tripped about requesting funding for a “weird community conference” … whatever haters!). Totally worth it! Had an excellent time, met up with some Recursers, and frequently visited the Cinnamon Snail. I took […]

Clojure Conj highlights


I have a bunch of notes jotted down from Clojure Conj, the conference I went to this week despite having never written a Thing in Clojure (but I did learn Common Lisp this year, so I could read pretty much everything). It’s interesting to go to a conference as a “new” person, and Clojure Conj […]

When it’s time to start speaking at conferences


Wherever you are at in your career, you might ask yourself “should I speak at conferences?” If you listen to PyCon’s call for proposals (known as a CFP), you’ll see “You. Your friends. Your friends’ friends.” under “Who Should Submit a Proposal.” If you’re looking for more evidence or a shove to say “it’s time to go […]

Discount for the online JavaScript Summit


I’ll be speaking at Environments for Humans’ online JavaScript summit on November 21st — the 3 day summit lets you see conference talks from your own setup (save on travel and hotel!) and your ticket includes recordings as well. E4H gave me a discount code to share: 20PAM will give you 20% off individual or […]

#WWC2013 Wharton Web Conf recap 2013


Great, well-organized conf. WWC is a great gift to the Philly tech community, and I look forward to seeing what they cook up next year. (and thanks for having me as a speaker this year!). I made a Storify of this year’s tweets, since I had fun making one last year. Enjoy! [View the story […]

Fluent 2013 Rhino

Notes on #FluentConf 2013


I’ve had a couple of days now to digest FluentConf. It was definitely interesting, and I had a few particular favorites. I put all of my pithy notes in a Github repo if you’d like to explore them (I don’t take many notes). Someone on Twitter asked what I thought of the conference as they […]

Example: Wages

Sketches (notes) thus far from #nicar13


I tried something for the morning sessions of this week’s NICAR conference (which is my first journalism conference! Hi journalists!). Instead of taking some notes in a text editor, I took them on Paper and made little sketches. NICAR13 Conference Notes (PDF) Sessions include: Intro to data journalism, FOIA Machine, The Data Driven Story   […]