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Just JavaScript: Prototyping with Node and Express


Last night, I gave a little talk about prototyping and Express at Node.ph’s holiday presentations. A very nice event, and I really enjoyed listening to all the presentations. Here are the resources from mine. . @pamasaur at @nodephilly talking about prototyping with Balasamiq, justinmind proto.io twitter.com/gdiphilly/stat… — GirlDevelopIt Philly (@gdiphilly) December 14, 2012   The […]

I swear people weren't bored -- they just looked that way when I took a photograph

BarCamp Philly — amazing as usual


I did a quick search of this blog — and it looks like I’ve never done a recap or written about BarCamp Philly before. It’s one of my favorite events to attend, and is great every year. So this summary of 2012 is going to get a little bit longer … Background BarCamp is community-organized […]

Large conference survival guide #ghc12


Nearly 3,500 will attend Grace Hopper 2012. It’s very easy to get overwhelmed — it’s handily the largest number of technical women I ever see in one place. For some, it might be the largest conference they attend all year. Here’s how to not get lost in the shuffle. 1. Study the schedule beforehand, or […]

Back to school plans


Welcome back from Labor Day, people. I always enjoy the change of seasons as an opportunity to change things up — make new plans, reflect on how other things went. Almost like new years resolutions, except you get to change them every 3 months. Reflections on goodness of Summer 2012 Random Hacks PyGotham Teaching JavaScript […]

I’m a community blogger for #ghc12!


Grace Hopper is an amazing experience for technical women. Thousands of women attend the conference, share knowledge and insights, and make great connections. I’m still in close contact with women I’ve met at a previous GHC — women whom I visit when we’re in the same cities, women whom I work with on fun projects, […]

Less than a week left of Julython!


I’ve gotten a lot of questions about Julython, and it’s not too late to join in the fun. What is Julython? It’s a totally silly competition/motivator to work on your Python projects in July. PyStar Philly/PhillyPUG have used it as an excuse to host weekly project nights, teaching people about some common open source tools […]

Pam: The Public Speaker


I’ve been starting to write more proposals, give a few more presentations, and starting on the journey of la vie publique speaker-y. A friend of mine made a resolution in 2012 to speak more, and she’s accumulated quite the scorecard now. I loved her first list that started her journey, and have meant to post […]

RedSnakePhilly photo dump and recap


RedSnakePhilly (http://redsnakephilly.org/) was a ton of fun. It was the sort of event where I thought most people weren’t really sure the plan – but that it involved Python and Ruby (I’m personally a fan of both). There were 10 speakers condensed into ~2 1/2 hours (plus sponsor presentations). The organizers kept everything on time, […]