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The Multitude of Interfaces


[this post was also posted to Medium] Over the last few years, I’ve taken an intentional direction towards working in distributed systems and cloud computing rather than user interface programming — I almost wrote “web” there, but the aforementioned topics are a HUGE part of the web! But especially because my language of choice tends to be […]

Do ask questions or, how we had a stereotypical conversation at a conference about being welcoming


I was recently at a conference I really enjoy, but had an interesting interaction that’s generalizable to any event, so here we go! In front of the information table there was this tape reading “DON’T ASK DUMB QUESTIONS” and then below it, “RTFM.” Some friends had just come from a talk they found interesting, about […]


Serverless zine #0


I recently made a zine about serverless compute — the idea started with telling a story that explains the “how” of serverless compute to answer the question: How does your code run in a serverless environment? I started writing out a story, since I use words to express myself a bit more than shapes. And […]