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2013 in review (bullets)

It’s that time of year where I write down my bullets in public.

  • JavaScript! Started organizing PhillyJS Dev, spoke at a few JS conferences (see below)
  • Open Source: Helped architect the LeadHerForward project, various projects at AxisPhilly
  • Speaking: RedSnake, O’Reilly Webcast (1200 registrees), FluentConf, Write/Speak/Code, Wharton Web, Girls Robotics Camp, JSConf EU (my first international conference!), NationJS, SassConf (panel), JavaScript Summit (online)
  • Teaching: Teaching JavaScript for Girl Develop It, RailsGirls, PyStar, and the PhillyJSDev JS workshop (and open sourced curriculum)
  • Journalism: Joined and left AxisPhilly, attended NICAR thanks to the CPIJ, active in the transparency community
  • Writing: Published an opinion piece in NetMag … and later a cover feature. Wrote for a few blogs (Safari Online, Pluralsight), and have a couple BIG things coming out in 2014 … stay tuned!
  • Other: Was a guest on a podcast, organized code retreat

And for this year, I want to mention a couple things that don’t fall under bullets … that in 2013 I managed to change jobs twice (Paperless to AxisPhilly to move to open source and F/T in Philly, and when the non-profit wasn’t doing so well, from there to Comcast, where the scale of what I’m working on continues to baffle me). That husband Mike is now out of active duty (USAF) and back in school, working toward his dream of being a doctor. That our 2013 Berlin trip was his first trip abroad (he got a passport!). That we (*cough*Mike*cough*) rescued a scraggly kitten who now has an AMAZING family and other cat friends. A few other things happened, like how I got to add 10+ more people to our Christmas card list (sent via Paperless Post … duh) because so many of our friends have grown closer.

I feel like this past year was … MUCH. I’m already working on/have completed some things for 2014, but chiefly, I’m happy to have some more time to just be happy with all that we’ve done and are working on.

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