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Absurdly simple proxying in Rails

Tuesday last week, I was asked if I’d step up to take Comcast’s spot in some lightning talks for Philly Tech Week’s Dev Day, and talk about a technical challenge I solved [nb: this was solved of course with the help of one Trevor Lalish-Menagh, and I learned more about Rack last week!].

I gave a short talk about building a simple in Rails, which I was proud of both because:

  • my talk was actually close to 5 minutes (it’s cool Monetate guy, you were on time too)
  • IMHO mine was the most technical of the talks (but I did enjoy Think Brownstone’s design talk a lot!)

Behold my very pithy slide deck that accompanied the demo!

If you have a better solution than a proxy this easy for working around old browsers that don’t have CORS (and NO I can’t use JSONP), would love to hear it 😉

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