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If you run Node on Lambda, you’re using Scott’s Node

Found a curious thing today, while messing with Lambda. I was looking at some data that (among other things) logs the config for the node process (process.config), and saw something interesting.


Hi, Scott!

If you want to see this yourself, create a simple lambda function that logs the process config:

'use strict';

exports.handler = (event, context, callback) => {

If you’re curious what this config contains:

The process.config property returns an Object containing the JavaScript representation of the configure options used to compile the current Node.js executable. This is the same as the config.gypi file that was produced when running the ./configure script. (source)

So that means that this Node.js executable was probably compiled by this “scottwis.” With the power of some very basic Googling, you can find the engineer who compiled it.

And he also compiled the Python, although I’m not totally sure what that means in this context:


Is this useful? Probably not. Was it interesting? YUP

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