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Back to school plans


Welcome back from Labor Day, people.

I always enjoy the change of seasons as an opportunity to change things up — make new plans, reflect on how other things went. Almost like new years resolutions, except you get to change them every 3 months.

Reflections on goodness of Summer 2012

Things for this Term (Fall 2012)



  • Doing a lot more mobile web work
  • Writing an Android app (digital storytelling — stay tuned!)
  • Some other cool digital products in the pipeline

The “I Wills” (resolutions!)

  • I will keep writing and blogging often o/o
  • I will write more Android/read an Android book
  • I will read Pragmatic Programmer
  • I will listen to more podcasts during my commute time (when I’m too tired to read)

Basically, this is going to be a great “semester” 🙂

What have you got planned?

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