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Beyond the resume is in beta!! (and, more on writing books)

It only took 9 months between an alpha release (the first mention on Twitter was in October), lots of edits (shoutouts to Katya and Christopher especially for their fantastic help!), re-reads, and completely changing publishing platforms, but it’s out! It’s not so different from the alpha, except for the part where it’s finished! 😉

Buy the book!

Now, on writing books. A friend sent me a post on Book Writing for the Busy Programmer. In it, Carin principally talks about tooling.

In finishing Beyond the Resume, one of the more horrible things that happened is when my convenient platform (gitbook) decided they didn’t want to be in the business of what I was doing anymore, and so POOF, there went my build system. When I read Carin describing her toolchain, all I can think is that I hope these things still exist when she’s finished. Since she went with Leanpub, I hope yes, but life happens.

Another strange thing that happened with changing platforms (thank you Corey for coming to my rescue on this!) is that I learned some LaTeX. LaTeX (pronouced “lah-teck”) is a typesetting thing that I’ve generally heard academics whine about, and hoped to never ever encounter. WHELP, IT HAPPENED.

I used the Softcover build system to build my book (but won’t be publishing on their platform), and while most things are fine in Markdown, I needed to use a bit of LaTeX to get things the way I wanted (ex. nice things like box-outs, or linking to a chapter from another chapter).

So I suppose I also learned some things along the way (including that downloading and installing LaTeX is really big and I had to clean my poor Air a bit to make some space).

I hope you’ve enjoyed Beyond the Resume, if you’ve gotten a chance to check it out. If you bought your book on Gitbook, message me on Twitter. I no longer have access to that customer list! I would love to send you an updated copy if you reach out!

And if you haven’t checked out the book and are curious what it’s about, check out some of the posts in the jobs tag here on The Webivore. If you like what you see, you’ll probably love the book!

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