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Let’s start with the facts: Today was my last day at IOpipe. Next week, I’ll be at Recurse Center for a minibatch. I’m actively job hunting and interviewing. I’m also quite exhausted, but I’m working on it.


Let’s begin with IOpipe. I’ve had an amazing experience the last two and a half years working with the founders, and the team we’ve built, to make useful tools for serverless developers.

I believe this is a form of compute that’s changing how people program, and how people approach cloud. We’ve gone through Techstars, built a distributed company, and built some amazing things together, for real customers with real compute challenges.

When we started, I got in touch with Erica because I was hunting for more contract/consulting work, and ended up going through Techstars in New York in 2016 as their first hire. I saw this company start from lots of ideas to hone to a real focus: help serverless developers. And I believe they’re doing it, and wish them all the success. There’s some serious good stuff coming soon, so do check it out.


But it’s time for a change, and that was a tough realization. I’m burnt out, and I wrote about that this past summer, when I thought I was getting better (it’s right there in the post! I wasn’t sure if I was, and well, I wasn’t).

I am in the very privileged position to not have to work through burnout, and attempting to do so wasn’t the best fit for me, or for my team, given that I have the ability not to.

Thank you to everyone (especially to the team at IOpipe) who’s been understanding and compassionate when I’ve talked about this. It also means a lot, in particular, to hear from people who’ve seen burnout before, so lots of gratitude to everyone who’s shared that experience with me.

What’s next

A friend kindly advised that I should hunt now (for my next position), rather than later. If I attempt to take a break and end up with the opportunity I want, I will most likely do neither.

So I’m open for inquiries, for full-time positions, through the end of January 2019*. I will not start immediately, and am targeting 4-6 weeks off before starting a new position.

I am interested in working on problems in distributed systems and infrastructure. There are lots of those! You might know me from my work in JavaScript, but I’d like to warn you that I don’t specialize in UI programming anymore, and wrote a bit about why.

I love working on teams, and I’m interested in remote roles, but could be open to relocating for the most amazing fit, but I’m pretty sold that distributed teams are the future. I have a bit of an interest in Montreal, if you have any connections there!

If you would like to get in touch with me, you can email me at hire at pamselle dot com.

If I don’t find a fit within this open-call time period, I’m halting the search and taking a break for a period of time that makes sense for me, and can resume it later. I will not be accepting freelance or contract work during this time.

Recurse Center & Near Term

Next week, I’m headed to Recurse Center for a minibatch. I’m looking forward to being embedded in that community again, and find it very healing.

If you do email me about hiring-related inquiries (thank you!), I am not doing any interviewing or hunting related activities next week (or, am desperately trying not to). I appreciate your patience while I’m on retreat, and I will get back to you after that.

I’ll also be at StarCon later this month in Waterloo, Canada, if you’d like to say hi in person.

*Caveat/clarification: It would be unlikely for me to able to finish interview processes by end of January, so this is my “inquiries” limit/boundary 🙂

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