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Choosing a JavaScript Framework slides + IT’S ALIVE (I think)

I gave a talk at today’s JavaScript Summit on Choosing a JavaScript Framework, using example code from the book. Which speaking of …

The book is alive! It’s still marked early release on O’Reilly, but that may merely mean that the editors are still working through some things … the book as it is now SHOULD have the extended material from the three added co-authors (who added much needed depth to my original version), and I hope everyone who was kind enough to buy an early copy has gotten an update.

If you’d like a copy, take advantage of the 50% off special for JS Summit attendees.

Writing a book has been even more harrowing than I imagined … and this is but a wee book. I’m still pondering how long it’ll be till I write about my book process, but for now, I’m happy to discuss in person 🙂


Oh! AND the book is available IN PRINT via Amazon print-on-demand.


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