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I released an EP

Earlier this month, I released my first self-titled EP under Pam the Webivore.

It’s a compilation of four songs composed using live code/TidalCycles. For the record, since I hate ads, all my music is available for free at

However, I understand (turns out!) many people listen to music on these streaming services and such, and even follow artists on them and stuff. So, when I got some tracks mastered to submit a couple to a compilation, I thought why not release the tracks as an EP! Also I learned that mastering is really valuable and I’m happy with the person I worked with, they’re great!

And here we are.

You can listen to the EP on Spotify or its ilk, or buy in places such as the iTunes store or Google Play, all links available here.

(bonus note: the cover image is adapted from a cool logo I commissioned from Hannah Carnes! I love it!)

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