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I went to a hackerspace in Argentina and heard about cool art and tech things!

For the last two weeks, I was in Argentina! I did one week of workcation (working remotely whilst traveling) and one week of actual vacation. Sadly, I was/am sick for pretty much the entirety of the vacation part, but here’s two cool photos from the vacation!

Recurse Center alumni in Argentina!

This crew was in Argentina to see the solar eclipse that was going over Argentina. But before that (during my week of workcation), I went by the R’lyeh Hacklab (hackerspace) on Friday after a kind person in the livecoding community pointed me to their tweet:

And so my friend and I went to the space and had a very nice chat about art and tech (I showed off Acid Love, an upcoming video from my livecode band [CatFans]). I got a lot of very helpful practice in listening to spoken Spanish, and learned about a bunch of cool projects (since we were going around in a circle fashion, sharing things we thought were cool).

last breath by vtol – Besides the project being very cool/a point of discussion, vtol’s site is also a fantastic example of an artist’s website — especially with installation art, having videos to show the project seems super smart for being able to showcase your work.

flashparty – Demoparty Argentina – We talked about this demoparty, and that they accept outside/international contributions, so CatFans should be making an entry …

femitmujeresarttech – This is the repo for a talk Sol gave about increasing the representation of women in digital art. If you check out the presentation, you can see some of the (super super cool) projects the presenters have made.

Tremor – This is a band that combines electronic music with Argentine folk music traditions, which is exactly the kind of thing I am stoked to learn from going to an Argentine art+tech gathering. Here’s a music video of theirs:

Espacio Fundaci√≥n Telef√≥nicaSol told me about this space in case I had time to go check it out before I left and I did! It’s a free interactive exhibition (in the Movistar building in Buenos Aires), and did make me think it would be interesting for say, Comcast to have an exhibition space like this open to the public in Philadelphia.

Thanks R’lyeh for the super interesting time (and to Sol in particular for being so helpful!), and for hosting this discussion!

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