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In a meta-exercise, I’ll redesign my blog on my blog


Yo dawg, I hear you like blogs, so I'm gonna blog in your blog while you blog, K?

Similar. But not really.

Wireframe 1.0 of the future of (or, the "Well, I need a website. with not much except the blog" edition).

Pros of this wireframe:
It looks like a website
It hits everything I want to include (athough, Balsamiq, why can't I resize icons? WTH?)
It (hopefully) provides everything someone going to my website would want to grab. Easily.

It looks boring.
Not Con? Maybe not – since it is just the wireframe, I haven't added any awesome images yet …. 
It looks like the layout of every other website
Not Con? Maybe yes – but that layout DOES generally work …

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