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JavaScript class launch! (peek inside for a discount code!)

My friends at Skillcrush are launching the first round of their JavaScript course on Monday, January 13th. I’m so excited to see it launch, as I wrote the base curriculum* 🙂

SO if you’ve been thinking about taking a beginner JS course (or know someone who is), let them know about Skillcrush. Unlike other online courseware, Skillcrush has a few strengths that I think make it a powerhouse of learning:

  • Schedule — there’s a schedule if you want it; no “I’ll do this eventually.” However, because life happens, you always have access to the material.
  • Mentorship — Ever read something online and wish there were someone to ask questions for clarity? Skillcrush has that, including office hours.
  • Reference material — Skillcrush designs beautiful reference material. The usefulness of that actually can’t be understated. Reference material you actually want to look at? Go for it!

If you do sign up, use the code webivore to get $15 off your registration**. Happy learning, and happy JavaScript!


* As a consultant.
** Yes, I do benefit when you use this code, but I do really love Skillcrush, love supporting them, and love hearing from their happy students  🙂

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