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Just click the flippin’ button: Propose, poster, present

'Tis the season for conferences. In Philadelphia, we have a trendy saying about getting things done. But I just wanted to share an experience with submitting/rejection/conference season.

Yesterday was past the deadline. This sucks, I thought. I was totally going to submit a poster, but it's past the deadline.

Backstory: I went to grade school in an environment that was very serious about deadlines. To the minute. Literally, seriously, to the minute. This has made me awesome at getting things done. But bad for times like this. Because …

I was this close to navigating away from the page. And I remembered 'whatever, let's write it up and submit it anyway." I blasted through a bio, wrote up my idea, and hit submit.

Click the button.

Rather than agonize over it, I just needed to submit the idea. And a couple hours later … I got a "yes." Like that. Which never would have happened if I followed my instincts to play by the rules (more dramatic than it is, perhaps, but it's applicable).

You've got to remind yourself to take risks (make mistakes, and get messy! – Ms. Frizzle). 


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