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Live code stream for the Equinox!

Starting on March 19th, there will be a 72-hour98-hour (the event has been lengthened) livestream of live code! This is celebrating the 16th anniversary of TOPLAP. The schedule is online, click a time slot to get its conversion to your local timezone.

I’ve written about live code/algoraves in the past, when I organized Philly’s first algorave in 2018, if you want to learn more. But this event is all online, with global participants! How cool!

I’ll be playing as Pam the Webivore on Sunday, the 22nd, at 11am UTC (7am Eastern), for a thirty minute slot. Please tune in! is the home for all things live code + equinox 🙂

(images/flyers here by Flor de Fuego, dates on the images don’t reflect that it’s been updated to start a day earlier this year!)

3 Replies to “Live code stream for the Equinox!”

  1. Hi Pam! I am having trouble finding your session among the 190+ others on Twitch (after the fact). Is there a semi-easy way to find it. Thanks!

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