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Meet me in San Francisco?

In just two weeks, I’ll be at FluentConf in San Francisco. However, before that, next week, I’m traveling around the city of San Francisco to talk to people who are doing interesting things at the intersection of software, journalism, and civic innovation (whew!).

I have a few meets set, but I’m putting it out there — if you’re doing something cool, I’d love to chat about it (and if you allow me, I’ll probably write about it here!). I’ll be in the city the 23rd and 24th, around over Memorial Day weekend, and I’ll be at Fluent the 28th through the 30th. And speaking of — not too late to join me there: Fluent Conference 2013. I’m speaking late on Thursday, so please stay for the whole event!

If you’d like to meet in SF, probably the easiest way to get in touch is to just use the contact form on The Webivore, or @ mention me on Twitter.

Now, back to trying to get everything done before I head out West!

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