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What is a melodica and why is it cool?

Last week I spoke at TacoJS on “Serverless, what is it even?” You can find the slides online. It’s pretty much the same as I did at BrooklynJS, and people liked it! If you’re interested in me bringing something along those lines to a conference you’re organizing, let me know.

In other happenings, I also brought my melodica out of my closet to play.

What’s a melodica?

It’s a small wind instrument (technically a “free-reed”) with keyboard (the piano kind, not the QWERTY kind) on it. It’s super easy to play (especially if you ever learned to play piano).

Why do you have one?

I saw a band play (DeLeon, great stuff, the album I have/loved was Casata) at a Shavuot celebration (which apparently the video is online because ??) some years ago and was enamored with it. This happens to me with instruments, and if I were not more frugal and anti-stuff I would buy every cool instrument I come across, with my current running list of envy including a synth (really any. seriously.), fixing up an old flute I know is somewhere in my parent’s house if they haven’t sold it, and a concertina. The reason I have a melodica is I looked it up and it was hella cheap so I bought one.

Why is it cool?

Have we covered that yet? I think it’s a bit weird, makes interesting noises, BUT it’s also VERY cheap. It’s less than $50 for a pretty decent one, less than $30 if you really don’t care. It’s unusually flexible as an instrument, and seriously, if you’re a decent pianist (I’m not, but I can play one on TV!), it is pretty darn neat.

What else?

This is all partially a trojan horse so I can share this rad picture taken by Mike Fox (who, among many talents, also takes rad pictures! cool!) of me playing the melodica at TacoJS (while Victor performed as part of code karaoke) last week:

Code Karaoke with Victor
Photo credit: Mike Fox
Photo credit: Mike Fox
Photo credit: Mike Fox

Thanks Mike, thanks Victor for your efforts in TacoJS, and thanks to Amber and Karin (and now Kevin!) of CandiDate for hosting and for the birthday cupcake <3

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