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Metaphor of the week: Frameworks as sushi kits

I didn’t get to listen live to as much of the JS Summit as I wanted, but in the post for this week I wanted to share my favorite metaphor, from Jen Kramer.

She was talking about Zurb’s Foundation vs. Bootstrap, but I feel like it’s a great metaphor for “frameworks” in general, since they’re a topic I end up thinking about a lot lately. Here’s the gist:

Pretend that software (or a front-end, or a web-app …) is sushi. You can pay a highly skilled sushi chef to make you EXCELLENT sushi. You can go to sushi school yourself and make EXCELLENT sushi after years of study.


You can buy a sushi kit off of Amazon for about $35.

Jen compared that to using a framework. Sure, you can go the other routes. They’re totally awesome and you’ll totally get good sushi (well, one hopes). However, the third option is to leverage the kits that are out there, and who knows? You might get some decent sushi.

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