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Pam goes to art class – part 1

At a minimum, I hope this blog reflects “what I learned this week” kind of things. So this week, I’ll talk about an art class I’m taking, why I’m taking it, and some of my terrible drawings that resulted from said art class.

I’m taking Painting Foundations through the Philly Art Center/Queen Village Art Center. It includes the basics of drawing, and then we’ll move onto paint.

My thinking compasses a few things:

  • I have a decent ability to wireframe, but an indecent (yes, I meant to use that) sense of visual design
  • I dream of sketching cool things directly onto a Wacom tablet
    and putting them on the internet.
  • Drawing and painting is supposed to be fun, right?

What I learned is I am wrong. This class was not fun. I was justĀ hard. But like doing push-ups, that probably means it’s good for me (or something).

And then we get to the part where I share my drawings!

Disclaimer: This was a three hour class; I did not eat beforehand, so by the end I was a little mad with hunger; this is contour drawing (I skipped sharing my blind contour drawing picture … it’s exceptionally bad)

Click the pictures to see a larger version. One is a contour drawing, the next is one where we got to erase, and the final one is one we spent about an hour on.

If you’re wondering what the blob in the contour drawing and behind the teapot in the final version is, it’s an iron. Note how it was completely left out of the middle version.

I’m glad I’m taking the class, but it’s definitely difficult doing something that doesn’t come very easily to me. This is, after all, my first art class since elementary school.

Do you have any desire to return back to art classes? If so, why?

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