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Pam: The Public Speaker

I’ve been starting to write more proposals, give a few more presentations, and starting on the journey of la vie publique speaker-y. A friend of mine made a resolution in 2012 to speak more, and she’s accumulated quite the scorecard now.

I loved her first list that started her journey, and have meant to post my own for some time. But of course, this is many people’s “big leap” — from the idea of speaking to some concrete topics. So here we go, my starter list:

Front-End Technologies
* Object-oriented CSS
* CSS for large applications/Scaling Your CSS
* How to displace worst practices (and rescue your CSS)
* Falling back in love with the box model (with CSS3)
* Introducing better JavaScript (and reducing jQuery dependency)

* Intro to Python
* Intro to Ruby
* Building a simple API with Piston (Django/Python)
* Intro to Haml/Sass (usually goes well with a Ruby audience)
* WordPress (management, themes, development)

Career/Life Development
* Freelancer pricing models/advice (most of the time, it’s this)
* Blogging (or why you should/shouldn’t blog)

Where’s your list?

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  1. Yay, you finally posted your list! It helps to have a central place for your topics. I go back to my own list sometimes when I’m out of ideas ^_^

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