Programming the PDP11 (cool video)

I recently fired off a long thank you note to my university’s CS department and relayed a story about really enjoying the PDP11 module during a CS course.

When the professors responded, they shared this amazing video series about the PDP11. And by “amazing” I mean “extremely cheesy and silly but also includes interesting computer history stuff.”

Seriously, stick around after the amazing intro music for some fantastic acting, foley art, and an introduction to the PDP11.

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  1. Mike Fox July 1, 2017 at 1:30 pm #

    Very cool video Pam! I had used some PDP-11 computers back in the day, but never programmed using the switches. Our setups ran an early version of Unix, with VT-100 terminals connected to it. No graphics, just full time command line!

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