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Random Hacks of Kindness Philly Braindump


This weekend, ~40 people, myself included, headed to Drexel’s Computer Science building to conceptualize, plan, and execute development on apps ‘for humanity’. I personally think *all* software helps people (otherwise why would it exist?). But Random Hacks (RHoK) focuses on innovating for social good in particular.

The solutions

Social services – 1 app (sheltr)
Community planning/collaboration – 2 apps (Neighborhood Voice and Hack2Unify)
Politics/Civic Engagement – 2 apps (Cuibono and Cost of Freedom)
Open Data – 1 app (Climate Data)
Links provided when I can find them! — if you have more, please comment. Full Philly post on RHoK:


Hacking was definitely difficult – my co-mobile app developer was only there part of Saturday, and my native Android experience is definitely limited (I did my Hello World earlier that week). I worked mostly on the web service backend, creating an api that could be called by the app to display information that we want to show for that particular political ad. The code was in Python (Django), and I also worked in Java to attempt to add to the Android app.

One thing though – it is pretty awesome that despite not having a deployment over the weekend, the Cuibono team (of which I was a  part of) was a “Featured App”! Go us – and it’s nice to see that it’s not ALL about deploying something – we’ll be working on the app for the next few months, likely, hopefully having an alpha deployment fairly soon.

**Photo from the Friday night brainstorm+beer/pizza

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