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Recurse Center Mini Day 3

Today’s song is called “field notes” and if you’ve listened to the other ones, me telling you “this one is weird” should be enough of  a disclosure, but … this one is weird.

This uses a sample of the Berlin S-Bahn, from my friend Tyler’s set of interesting field (i.e. real world) recordings. Today I explored shifting time and Euclidean sequences in the composition, which sounds extremely cool once I write that out.

This morning I went into the space and had a chill breakfast talking about J.P. Morgan and the economy, and caught up with my audio pals for a few minutes before going to the check-in that Laura started planning, and was pleasant.

The plan for the day was to focus on the group audio project we’d talked about on Monday, so we made a plan (with some brainstorming, shown in the featured image on this post). The idea is to accept midi input, and then  play the predicted next notes, based on a set of data. Jamie and I kept pairing and walked through how MIDI files are constructed, and how to parse them in Python.

Then I was on my own for a bit, and chilled on the couches which meant some nice couch chats, and I made a repo and suggested structure for the project, for us to collaborate on. We’d decided that the codename for our project would be “Codachrome” because something something the musical end of things is a Coda, something like that (I’m tired).

Ahead of the afternoon group pairing time, I went for a walk with Laura and ended up sitting with the Spanish conversation table, which was pretty lovely.

The rest of the afternoon, I worked with Jamie, Liz, and Max on building the middle of the proposed app, with the prediction layer (I voted for this, largely because I’m more familiar with the bits on either side of that, and so this is the part where I had lots of fun hearing/reviewing “what’s an n-gram”).

After I went to the YMCA to Zumba with Patrick, I finished today’s weird weird song and have been hanging out with some people who are pairing on a pairing app (for people to work on Leetcode) which is pretty meta.

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