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Recurse Center Mini Day 5

Today I went in earlier and after a quiet breakfast, I got my Python environment detangled, finally.

Max and I paired on squashing some UI bugs in our audio project, and had some cool long chats about architecture and programming and other stuff. I learned about devhints (very pretty) and Max’s project, “like Urban Dictionary, but for programming terms,” which is cool. We also used a chess timer during our pairing a bit, which was fun, and one of my checklist items once I saw it this week.

After lunch I set to wiring the Flask server and the mathy bits of the project, and getting the end-to-end of the request/response to work for the audio project, while Max worked on the UI. It worked!! Max filmed a demo of our app, Codachrome:

I went for an afternoon snack break (knish; these minibatch updates involve lots of food updates) since things were going well (couldn’t quite get the app on Heroku yet, but I’ll get it on the web later). I worked with Thomas playing with SuperCollider itself (sans Tidal Cycles) until it was time for presentations.

Max, Liz, and I presented on Codachrome (Jamie in absentia), and I made the song of the day from a blank text file as a presentation. As such, it is not so much a song as … possibly unpleasant to listen to demoware. It’s called “presentations” (listen at your own risk, I suggest on a low volume).

Then, I got a new t-shirt:

New shirt!

The featured photo on this post was photo taken by Stanley Zheng, when I was writing day 4’s post last night and at maximum cozy.

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