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Recurse Center Week 11

Second-to-last week means senioritis is starting to set in for me and others. At least I’m on sabbatical and don’t have the extra stress of job hunting! Even with senioritis and “oh no so many things to do before I go home to Philly” I’ve still learned a lot.


I started/joined a checkin group for “networking,” referring to the big tent version of that topic. The silent dance party app requires some networking skills, and I decided to look into using WebRTC as a means to accomplish my goals, and did a bunch of reading and started working on code lab. I also remembered I want to do that reactive programming course and watched the first video.

There were also presentations on Monday, and I decided to give a talk on generators, leading to my blog post JavaScript Generators in 3 Minutes or Less, and yes, the talk was less than 3 minutes đŸ™‚


On Tuesday, I finished the code lab and then chatted with Corey for a bit about Samza and we decided that we’d pair on doing the Hello World together. And wow, that was a surprising beast to set up, but very conceptually interesting.

We planned to work on contributing to the project, but I’d heard that a few people I wanted to meet were at NodeDay, a free conference I had a ticket for but was ditching (guilty). So I went down to catch the last panel of the day and meet a bunch of people, before heading to the Data Rave meetup to hear Catherine speak.


When, in checkins, Nat mentioned an interest in Web Audio, I saw the opportunity to bring him into the silent dance party project. We did some architecture diagrams to approach it from a WebRTC standpoint and started cracking away at the code. Progress was made!


More progress on the app, and I also went to a PGP workshop in the afternoon, being held in preparation before a key-signing party next week. Learning more about security while at RC has definitely been an awesome benefit. And I’m writing this post now so I don’t have to post on Monday yet again đŸ™‚


I’m very happy to have a buddy on the project (hey, maybe we’ll actually finish!) and also felt like I’ve learned a lot this week about WebRTC, with some smatterings of other topics (Samza and PGP).

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