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Recurse Center Week 8

I’m wasn’t very pleased with how last week went. I was a bit sick and a bit tired for half of it, so I’ll chock some up to that.


Monday was probably my only “productive” day of the week – I finished Land of Lisp, did some blog writing, and started updating SpaceTime/Constellation Deformation/Delorean. It now has 100k data points (instead of <3k) and uses the new Fetch API, which will eventually be stream-based (woot, streams!). Also uses Gulp to generate all the things, although I have the finished products merged into the repository, because I don’t have a build process (the app on Heroku literally serves a static directory … we could probably move to a simpler solution, but *shrug*).

I also paired a bit in Swift on someone’s iOS project, and learned about CoreData, which was a very useful thing to do!


I finished updating the app and deployed. By the afternoon though, I felt awful and tired, went home early and binge-watched Kimmy Schmidt. Probably a good decision.


Staying home so as not to wear myself down further, I worked on some prep for LibertyJS and talked to Ben Lesh about the Reactive Streams in JavaScript project, and will hopefully get more involved (!!). Spent some time re-examining Bacon.js and the current ways we do streams in JS (Reactive Streams being an eventual, more ES7-type, future). I did hike into the city to go to Ladies Who Code, because I love them.

On LibertyJS: It’s happening again! If you want to help us by volunteering on the organizer committee or sponsoring to help us make it financially possible, please reach out.


Not very productive either! Mostly wondering what to work on and a bit of stuck-ism.


A bit disappointed with last week. Sets low expectations for this week! But at minimum I plan to write a Scheme with a group of people (each will write a separate Scheme, although I suspect pairing will happen), so that should be fun!

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