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RedSnakePhilly photo dump and recap

RedSnakePhilly ( was a ton of fun. It was the sort of event where I thought most people weren’t really sure the plan – but that it involved Python and Ruby (I’m personally a fan of both).

There were 10 speakers condensed into ~2 1/2 hours (plus sponsor presentations). The organizers kept everything on time, to an impressive degree.

It also didn’t hurt that there was RedSnake beer.

@mdelaurentis – Linear Regression, Python, and Beer
Very math heavy, very geeky.

@killa__bee – Studying 16 years of Ira Glass’ weird accent with Python
Using Python to study vocal fry. Included adorable assessment of This American Life (paraphrased):

Basically, it’s a radio show where you hear stories about someone going to see their long lost love in Canada, and it doesn’t work out, but they all learn something about life in the end.

Not Favorites
Wasn’t a fan of the Ruby startup speaker (nothing really groundbreaking or interesting in the presentation). I was also sad that all the Python presos were so data-heavy. I love Python and what it can do with data BUT it’s not the only thing Python can do … show me some sweet webapps! I’ll just have to have something to demo next RedSnake.

A great time, looking forward to the next!

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