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Pam Selle speaking photoPast Events:

Velocity London 2018

All Things Open 2018

Monitorama PDX 2018

DevFest NYC (keynote) 2017

LibertyJS (keynote) 2017

OSCON 2017

ServerlessConf London 2016

DjangoCon US 2016

JSConf: Last Call 2015

All Things Open 2015 (keynote)

Strange Loop 2015

NEJSConf 2015

NorfolkJS User Group

WomenTechmakers (Google Developer Group event)

<Write/Speak/Code> 2015

Forward JS February 2015

JavaScript Summit

Powered by JavaScript (StrangeLoop preconf)

Midwest JS (Zero to Testing in JavaScript, video)



Dev Day

LadyHacks (Women* only hackathon)

Net/Work Philly (Basics of testing in JavaScript)

JS Summit

SassConf (Panelist: Custom frameworks and styleguides, video)

NationJS (Speaker – Prototyping à la Node with Express, video)

JSConf EU (Speaker: For the next generation: JavaScript education for a better JavaScript)

Wharton Web Conf (Speaker – Selecting a Web Framework)

<Write/Speak/Code> (Slides here)

Fluent Conf (Speaker – Prototyping à la Node with Express)

TransparencyCamp (News Apps)

BarCamp News Innovation (News Apps)

Philly Tech Breakfast (Video)

Fluent Online Preview

RailsGirls Philly (Lecture)

RedSnake Philly (Speaker – A Field Guide to Ruby and Python) Hack & Hops (Speaker – It’s Just JavaScript – Rapid Prototyping in Node)

CSSDevConf (Speaker – Displacing Worst Practices in CSS)

PyGotham 2012 (Speaker – HTML5/CSS3 Workshop co-presenter)

Women in Tech Summit 2012 (Panelist)

PyCon 2012 (Poster Presenter – Hacking for Humanity with Python: The CuiBono political app)

Ignite Philly #9 (Speaker – Go the Fuck Home)

Testimonials from Speaking & Teaching

NEJSConf (Streams talk, 2015)

Course: JavaScript for Non-Programmers (February 2013)

The teacher, Pam, absolutely made the class. The combination of her knowledge and charm helped me survive the flood of new information.

RedSnakePhilly (2013)

Rails Girls Philly (2013)