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Styling for Sass Addicts: A (short) Philly.rb Recap

Believe it — yesterday was my first technical talk in Philly, at the super friendly and supportive Philly.rb.

After some awesome impromptu lightning talks on Event Machine/websockets and some discussion of what ! really does in Ruby, it was my turn. I prepare a lot before I speak, and I only looked this one over a few times — couple that with the fact that I was combining some varying topics, and it was a fun presentation. The questions were great, as was the discussion and some others’ knowledge they had to share.

As for the content to share on here, the slides weren’t very special, so I’ll be re-doing them before I give the talk again, and same for the demo code. Trevor has a nice write up of the talk summary, but feel free to invite me to your user group to share this talk! With so many shops/companies using pre-processors (like Sass or Less), I think it’s important to go over some of the style guidelines that will help non-front-enders write usable code.

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