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Fluent 2013 Rhino

Notes on #FluentConf 2013


I’ve had a couple of days now to digest FluentConf. It was definitely interesting, and I had a few particular favorites. I put all of my pithy notes in a Github repo if you’d like to explore them (I don’t take many notes). Someone on Twitter asked what I thought of the conference as they […]

Example: Wages

Sketches (notes) thus far from #nicar13


I tried something for the morning sessions of this week’s NICAR conference (which is my first journalism conference! Hi journalists!). Instead of taking some notes in a text editor, I took them on Paper and made little sketches. NICAR13 Conference Notes (PDF) Sessions include: Intro to data journalism, FOIA Machine, The Data Driven Story   […]

I swear people weren't bored -- they just looked that way when I took a photograph

BarCamp Philly — amazing as usual


I did a quick search of this blog — and it looks like I’ve never done a recap or written about BarCamp Philly before. It’s one of my favorite events to attend, and is great every year. So this summary of 2012 is going to get a little bit longer … Background BarCamp is community-organized […]

Working together apart #ghc12 #tech


Judith Olson of UC Irvine developed an online assessment tool to evaluate distributed work relationships. She shared that this was the “punch line” of the talk. The tool is the result of many years of research and observations on how teams collaborate successfully. The Collaboration Success Wizard By answering questions about a specific project, the […]

Large conference survival guide #ghc12


Nearly 3,500 will attend Grace Hopper 2012. It’s very easy to get overwhelmed — it’s handily the largest number of technical women I ever see in one place. For some, it might be the largest conference they attend all year. Here’s how to not get lost in the shuffle. 1. Study the schedule beforehand, or […]

I’m a community blogger for #ghc12!


Grace Hopper is an amazing experience for technical women. Thousands of women attend the conference, share knowledge and insights, and make great connections. I’m still in close contact with women I’ve met at a previous GHC — women whom I visit when we’re in the same cities, women whom I work with on fun projects, […]