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Tag: devops

(Slides) Serverless and CatOps: Balancing trade-offs in operations and instrumentation

Yesterday, I gave a talk at Monitorama PDX paralleling “CatOps” (cat operations) and serverless devops (or appops, if you prefer).…

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Tutorial: Deploying Dokku to DigitalOcean for excellent deploying goodness

In this tutorial, I’ll set up a Heroku-like environment on DigitalOcean using Dokku, that I used to set up the…

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Continuously deploying your (free) OpenShift site with Travis CI

The LibertyJS website is hosted on RedHat’s OpenShift, which is essentially RedHat Heroku. Meaning, it’s really easy to define a…

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Getting started learning (dev)ops

DevOps is quite the field today. You’ve got Vagrant (and recently released Packer), Chef, Puppet, Jenkins, and more buzzing around…

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