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Future of JavaScript — the need to pay it forward


Spoilers: The JavaScript Developers meetup is holding a free* JavaScript fundamentals workshop, sponsored by SEER Interactive, on August 27th. And, I’ll be speaking on JavaScript education/outreach at JSConf EU Somehow I’ve got to fit all the awesomeness from that JSConf EU description into a talk. So, while I’m using this weekly post primarily to boost […]

Fluent 2013 Rhino

Notes on #FluentConf 2013


I’ve had a couple of days now to digest FluentConf. It was definitely interesting, and I had a few particular favorites. I put all of my pithy notes in a Github repo if you’d like to explore them (I don’t take many notes). Someone on Twitter asked what I thought of the conference as they […]

Fluent 2013 Rhino

Fluent webcast recording!


You can now go see the recording(registration required) from yesterday’s Fluent Conf webcast. All the talks are great, and mine is from about minutes 60 to 90. Better yet, come join me at Fluent Conf in May and see it live! Talk description: Prototyping à la Node with Express User testing and prototyping are great […]

On JavaScript Complexity


Limiting complexity is a noble goal in engineering. By limiting complexity, we make our code easier to understand and maintain for future developers on the project. To be honest, you make it easier for yourself to understand in the future as well. Code complexity is something we discuss at Code Retreat (Philadelphia), and recently, a neat […]

Just JavaScript: Prototyping with Node and Express


Last night, I gave a little talk about prototyping and Express at Node.ph’s holiday presentations. A very nice event, and I really enjoyed listening to all the presentations. Here are the resources from mine. . @pamasaur at @nodephilly talking about prototyping with Balasamiq, justinmind proto.io twitter.com/gdiphilly/stat… — GirlDevelopIt Philly (@gdiphilly) December 14, 2012   The […]

Test-Driven JavaScript … Today.


I came across a kickstarter recently, “Let’s Code: Test Driven JavaScript.” It looks like a great project from James Shore, but for those who want to play with TDD and JavaScript today, there are quite a few resources out there.   Hold up, what’s TDD? TDD stands for Test-Driven Development. The idea is that instead […]