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Tag: tech

PyStar Philadelphia #3 (hint: great success)

Some photos below from the most recent session of @PyStarPhilly.  We had a great crowd of students, graciously hosted by…

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Philly Girl Geek Dinners #3: On ‘Shrink It & Pink It’: Designing Experiences for Women

Last night, 30 some-odd women (and one man) gathered for the 3rd Philly GGD at Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney PC…

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Embrace the artisan

I bought a pouf (I finally got the cat off it to take a picture cat included for size reference)…

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5 reasons to build your website in WordPress

The first CMS I built on was WordPress, some years ago. Since then, the platform has come a long way.…

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Make everything better for everyone: Feminism for 2012

December 2011: I'm working at IndyHall and I start chatting about tech culture with my pod-mate (meaning our desks touch)…

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Random hacks of kindness photos (scooped from elsewhere)

Included: one of the amazingly nice RHoK consultants hanging with amazingly awesome Julie from Drexel CS. Some shots of my…

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