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Testing is not your lettuce

Today I’m giving my Zero to Testing talk (the extended and uncut version!) at MidwestJS, and I incorporated what could be a testing meme. Can we make this a thing? I am not great at memegenerators, so this is the one I made, feel free to make your own with your picture of lettucey lettuce:


I was looking up Julie Ralph and found her appearance on the JavaScript Jabber podcast, and as I read through, I just loved this line. (Disclaimer, it’s slightly modified, as Ralph’s statement begins with “It’s” and not “Testing.” I think that attribution is okay).

It encapsulates the attitude some people have when they say “they don’t like testing” or that they think it’s a waste of time. Good developers test. QA doesn’t fix your code for you, that’s not their job. YOU fix your code. The fact that this has to be said is very interesting.


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