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Tickets for LibertyJS are live!

Tickets are on sale for our humble JavaScript fest, LibertyJS. Tickets are on sale now, at $10 or $15 depending on if you choose to attend a workshop.

What’s LibertyJS?

James and I (well, a bit more me) had a dream of having a fantastic summer event, which is a slow time for the meetup with travel and everything. At ImpactHub’s excellent space, we’ll have workshops, open spaces, and an excellent deck party.


The workshops are all led by community members, for our community members. There are two semi-self-paced workshops, NodeSchool and the Intro to JS workshop. You’ll work through material in the company of other learners with plenty of support. The Angular workshop goes at a group pace.

For Intro to JS, we’ll be going through the beginnings of the Khan Academy programming curriculum, which is (fun fact!) in ProcessingJS. With some of the basics, you can continue going though the course in the afternoon in open hack, or try your hand at a project.

NodeSchool is an international event hosted in many cities to help people learn Node.js in a choose-your-own-adventure style format.

The Angular workshop will be led by a group of Angular fans in Philadelphia who walk you through the major concepts, with interactive components. It sounds like it’ll be awesome!

Open hack/open spaces

This is an open flexible time for neat things to happen. Here’re some options for things to do during the open hack:

  • Work on a side project
  • Work on a Code for Philly project
  • Compete in Julython
  • Work with Girl Develop It Open Source fellows

Open spaces are unconference style. Come day of to share something, or see what other people are sharing. I know from some of the organizers, you’re likely to see git, innovation, and automated testing, but the field is wide open to talk about JavaScript frameworks, NodeBots; anything you bring!


And what I’m especially excited about, festivities on ImpactHub’s deck. If you do nothing else, come to this! Even if you’re just JavaScript-curious, come socialize with us (we don’t do many social events in the meetup) and chat with people about what they learned during the day.

I hope to see you there. Tickets are up, and remember you only need one ticket to attend.

Big thanks to everyone working with us on the organizing team, and to our fabulous sponsors!

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