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Top resources for learning Django

As you might have gathered from my excitement over CSV imports in Django, I’m recently back in Django land. Like any web technology, any time away from frequent or infrequent use seems to result in a need to dive back into the the learning resources available (plus, I needed resources to recommend to our intern). Here’s the where-to-go for learning Django online.

Reasources for Learning Django

Original Flavor: The “Polls” Tutorial

This is the classic entry point for your beginning Djangonaut. Build a Django app from start to end, the “Polls” tutorial. It’s good if you’re totally new, but the concepts are hard to mesh, because you’re likely copy & pasting, so the stickiness of the knowledge is a little less than if you’re exploring on your own.

Test-Driven Django Tutorial

Test-driven development (TDD) is a methodology of coding where you write your tests before you write your code — you keep coding until the tests pass. Interesting, right? Luckily, there’s a way to learn Django using this method, which definitely helps ingrain some good habits.

Getting Started with Django Tutorials

These tutorials are just fabulous. They’re still coming out right now, but will definitely be a great resource for learning Django. And, to boot, they’re offered for free, thanks to the project being Kickstarter fundedFollow their Twitter account to know when new videos are available.

Two Scoops Book

An extremely reasonably priced book (starts at $12, pay more if you can!), Two Scoops takes you beyond the level of the Polls tutorial, and is written by well-known seasoned Django developers Audrey Roy and Daniel Greenfeld. Plus, the art is adorable!

The Django Book

A community open source book that’s currently being updated — written for Django 1.0, it has some work to get up to 1.4/1.5.

Do you have any other resources to recommend?


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