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Unprecedented Times: A Socially Distanced Art Project

Last summer, a friend of mine sent me a link to sign up for an exquisite corpse project, where people would be put into groups and mail an artwork in progress. Now, art from that project is up in the Esther Klein gallery in University City! You can go see it if you like, even. And the curator has a blog post about the show as well!

“Exquisite corpse” is a game where people will work separately, but together, to create a final product. For ours, I did the top third of the work, mailed it, then they did their third, and so on. Seeing the show, it was cool to see some pieces of work were more mixed media, or sculpture, playing with this methodology (although I do wonder how/if they mailed it).

I want to write a bit more at some point about how I made my section, because I made a program to create patterns from cryptographic sources, and then translated those patterns onto the paper. I’d originally filled out the interest form thinking of doing some kind of digital art, but then thinking of how to do something physical, this is what I came up with! Here are some photos from the show:



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