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#WWC2012 Wharton Web Conf Recap

This was my first WhartonWebConf. First, I’ll do a recap of the sessions I attended, then share a storify of the event.

Steve Wozniak (‘the Woz’) was the keynote speaker of the day, starting at 9:30. I heard that Woz isn’t the best speaker, but the session was conducted as an interview of sorts, which turned out very well. The Woz covered the technology field, starting Apple, and a brief but interesting digression into education and his time teaching fifth grade.

Next was a presentation on ‘UI tools’ but truly, on CSS performance. Absolutely great. The most valuable part was the discussion of browser rendering engines, including browser developers’ opinions on improving webpage performance. Some of the tools mentioned:

  • Chrome Selector Audit Profiles
  • Tilt (Firefox 13, Firefox plugin otherwise)
  • DOMmonster
  • –show-paint-rects
  • Frame View (Google Canary)
  • CSSLint (of course)

Jess Ivins gave (per usual) a great UX talk. After reading some more about usability, I’m definitely interested in conducting some user tests.

The final session I attended was on negotiation — mostly very fun because it was conducted by a Wharton professor and made me think of my college classes. Negotiation is always a fascinating topic.


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