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You should quit

You came to me asking if you should quit. But you know the only reason you came to ask me is you want me to tell you you should quit.

You probably should have already quit.

If you quit and things don’t go well after, or it turns out you did regret it, you can probably go back? If you’re good at what it is (maybe you are) then it could work out. And if you aren’t doing well, then your separation is a mutually beneficial decision.

You should quit because you knew you should quit before you read this. The knowing part of you already knew, and that feeling in your body is it resonating through you like a bell.

The reasons you’re going to quit matter but also don’t. They matter as lessons you can learn. They matter as processing that you need to do, but don’t get terribly hung up on them.

The reasons don’t matter because what matters is that change is coming. You either choose how to steer the path or the change happens to you.

Someone I know came to town to complete a bungee training. He appreciates bungee because it teaches you to feel for flow or resistance and to react accordingly, rather to then to try to push against resistance or to resist flow. Either of these strategies will end up causing a lot of unnecessary energy expenditure.

Protect your energy.

Recognize that you need to quit as part of tuning into the flow.

And once you know it, you really can’t un-know it.

What you can do is have some influence on when and perhaps how it’s going to happen.

(Caveat: During my most tumultuous times I like to remind myself that every thing can change but not every thing has to change at the same time …)

You should quit. Take this knowing and use it to make a plan, or prepare yourself if you have reasons that you can’t quit right now. But you can’t un-know.

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