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Pam Selle is a writer, musician, and technologist. She is currently a senior software engineer at HashiCorp, where she contributes to the open source Terraform project.

Before HashiCorp, she was Director of Engineering at IOpipe, a TechStars-backed startup where she was first hire, developing tooling around serverless computing. She’s author of two books, Beyond the Resume: How to Get Your Next Job as a Developer and lead author of Choosing a JavaScript Framework from Bleeding Edge Press. She’s spoken across the country and internationally, speaking at events including Monitorama, O’Reilly Velocity, OSCON, JSConf EU, StrangeLoop, and QCon; she also co-founded LibertyJS, Philadelphia’s premier JavaScript conference.

She is highly involved in the technical community. She is an admin for the PhillyDev Slack community, and a channel admin in the Engineering Managers Slack community. In 2015, she did a “batch” of Recurse Center, and returned for a “Mini” in 2019 (see all posts about Recurse Center). She has taught hundreds of people to program through community groups, including Girl Develop It, PyStar, and RailsGirls. She grew the Philadelphia JavaScript Developers users group to over 1000 members over three years before stepping aside. She was previously a co-host of the Turing-Incomplete podcast and a panelist on JavaScript Air .

Previously, Pam worked at Comcast on distributed systems and web applications, developed apps for journalism, and worked on web experiences for consumer products and political campaigns. She lives in Philadelphia, where she rides bikes, dances, and generally moves a lot.