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Tag: open source

Video review: The Economics of Open Source

Published today, CJ Silverio gave a talk at the recent JSConf EU (with an amazing video turn around time) about…

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Never Graduate Week 2018

Last week I worked from Recurse Center’s annual Never Graduate Week, or as I explain to my friends “alumni week…

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Strange Loop 2017 in Review – Day 2

Continuing my writing about this year’s edition of Strange Loop, I’ll go on to Saturday (Day 2 of the conference).…

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Your REPL can teach you something

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5 steps to contribute to open source software

I recently submitted a pull request to an open source project, and Jearvon askedĀ about the how, and I thought this…

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Recurse Center Week 2

Monday I met with my Hacker School mentor (we chose from alumni) in the morning for bagelry and got some…

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