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Never Graduate Week 2018


Last week I worked from Recurse Center’s annual Never Graduate Week, or as I explain to my friends “alumni week for programming camp.” While I was working the whole time, I did get to go to a few events, and focus on some interesting things. Projects Like I said, I was working, so my projects […]


Your REPL can teach you something


I’m so, so excited because a wee change I advocated for has landed in Node. As in, if you download/upgrade your Node install to the stable version, you will see this change. It all started when I saw a friend (shoutout to Mudit, he writes smart things and is awesome) mention the .help option for […]

Recurse Center Week 2


Monday I met with my Hacker School mentor (we chose from alumni) in the morning for bagelry and got some advice on what to do, in particular to fix some of my frustrations. One frustration in particular is that I want to do more “social coding” – pairing, contributing to other people’s projects, collaboration. After […]