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My #1 advice for getting into web development

A friend of mine bribed me with lunch the other day to talk about transitioning into a web development, or…

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4 tips for being better at email introductions

I do a fair number of email introductions. I hope you do too; if you don’t, consider how you could…

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Troubles with interviews (and their solutions)

This past week, I’ve conducted six free interview coaching sessions with developers. I offered the 30-minute sessions to subscribers to…

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Please remove “junior” from your developer titles

I’m against the title “junior developer.” It bothers me on a few levels, and while this is mostly a rant…

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Job hunting for developers: Shifting from skills to solving problems

The hiring process is not borne out of altruism. A hiring manager doesn’t wake up one day and say, “You…

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Résumés are garbage, part the second

In a continuation of my “burn your résumé” theme from last month, I remembered a piece of data I read…

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