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WTH *is* a framework?


In this week’s JavaScript weekly (check it out if you like a weekly round-up of JS news and buzz!), there was a link to a presentation on “Angular.js from an Ember.js perspective”. Before I get too far, let’s clarify quickly: I have not watched the presentation, only checked out the slides. They are good, and […]

Frameworks posts on the Safari Online Blog


I recently had a series of posts published on the Safari Online Blog. If you’d like to check them out, here’re the links! They’re all related to frameworks, drawing from the material I used for Wharton Web. Choosing a JavaScript Framework 13 Criteria for Evaluating Web Frameworks Will it Blend? The Right Team for the […]

Making technical decisions (the results)


If you’d like to come to a fun workshop on choosing a web framework this Tuesday in Philadelphia, PA, it’s not too late to grab tickets! http://beacon.wharton.upenn.edu/webconf/ Last week, I asked if you’d share some experiences with making technical decisions. Here are a couple of my favorite responses. The customer has to be right One […]