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How much does a website weigh?


In talks discussing performance, speakers will often talk about what the “weight” of a website is. What does that actually mean? And how do you find it? How big is the page load? When we talk about “How much does this website weigh?” we tend to mean “How big is the page load”? This will […]

Learning iOS’s Swift, for JavaScripters


I recently blitzed through the Treehouse Swift course (referral link) and was quite a bit surprised at how familiar it was writing Swift as a person who mostly writes JavaScript. You can probably skip this post and read through the X in Y minutes for Swift to believe me, but here are the larger points I noticed. […]

The big deal about web components


I made my big Twitter announcement yesterday about finishing my book on JavaScript frameworks. After spending months diving into various communities, idiosyncrasies, and development philosophies of frameworks, I’ve learned at least one big thing about the next revolution in JavaScript development: you need to be aware of web components. [As for the book, expect more […]

Link dump from #SassConf


A few of my favorite links from SassConf. CSS Spinners (a cute site!) http://css-spinners.com/#/spinners/ True library https://github.com/ericam/true (ZOMG TESTING) Our eyes are biased re: light and dark colors. However, there is a Compass plugin that will help you with that: https://github.com/timhettler/compass-yiq-color-contrast; and compass is going to use YIQ in the future to determine “light” and “dark” colors. Libsass! […]

Exactly WTH is up with $ in devtools


A short post to file under “I finally know the answer!” I was checking out the latest issue of .net magazine (which recently has a new online home) and the cover story is on devtools. We all love devtools, right? But ever since Bonnie Vasko came around the PhillyJSDev meetup to talk about Chrome devtools, […]


(PODCAST) Pam was on the Shop Talk Show!


Are there rules about referring to yourself in the third person on your own blog? Maybe? Well, whatever. Check it out here: http://shoptalkshow.com/episodes/067-with-pam-selle/ Lots of talk about civic hacking and hackathons, I spiel a little about AxisPhilly, and lots of chatting about front-end development questions.

Fluent 2013 Rhino

Fluent webcast recording!


You can now go see the recording(registration required) from yesterday’s Fluent Conf webcast. All the talks are great, and mine is from about minutes 60 to 90. Better yet, come join me at Fluent Conf in May and see it live! Talk description: Prototyping à la Node with Express User testing and prototyping are great […]