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Programming the PDP11 (cool video)


I recently fired off a long thank you note to my university’s CS department and relayed a story about really enjoying the PDP11 module during a CS course. When the professors responded, they shared this amazing video series about the PDP11. And by “amazing” I mean “extremely cheesy and silly but also includes interesting computer […]

Video from JSConf EU now online


The video from my talk at JSConf EU is online. I’m a little spastic in it, but people have said they like it (maybe give me a thumbs up on there? apparently there are some haters who thumbs down. wth people?). Thank you JSConf EU for having me and bringing me to Berlin, thanks to […]

JS for everyone: Materials for your next JavaScript workshop


As of today at JSConf EU, I released the materials that we used a few weeks ago at PhillyJSDev for our JavaScript fundamentals workshop. You can find it at github.com/pselle/JSforeveryone. The materials are under the “materials” folder, where the presentation (reveal.js) is available for download/remix, and also resources, such as guidelines for workshop coaches. I […]

Future of JavaScript — the need to pay it forward


Spoilers: The JavaScript Developers meetup is holding a free* JavaScript fundamentals workshop, sponsored by SEER Interactive, on August 27th. And, I’ll be speaking on JavaScript education/outreach at JSConf EU Somehow I’ve got to fit all the awesomeness from that JSConf EU description into a talk. So, while I’m using this weekly post primarily to boost […]


Top resources for learning Django


As you might have gathered from my excitement over CSV imports in Django, I’m recently back in Django land. Like any web technology, any time away from frequent or infrequent use seems to result in a need to dive back into the the learning resources available (plus, I needed resources to recommend to our intern). […]