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Tag: culture

Don’t go it alone

One of the biggest things I’ve done in the last month had little to do with my professional code slinging…

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Future of JavaScript — the need to pay it forward

Spoilers: The JavaScript Developers meetup is holding a free* JavaScript fundamentals workshop, sponsored by SEER Interactive, on August 27th. And,…

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Coding as literacy (plus 3D JS holograms!)

In case it hasn’t been on your radar, watch this adorable video (featuring my friend Vanessa!) I love the…

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Building a great work culture: in praise of Hack Day

At my awesome employer, we recently had a Hack Day (or, per the company mascot, “Stampy Day”). Here’s what it…

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Make everything better for everyone: Feminism for 2012

December 2011: I'm working at IndyHall and I start chatting about tech culture with my pod-mate (meaning our desks touch)…

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PANMA Holiday Party 2011 (photos)

So, I recently decided I was tired of not seeing people take photos at events. So I took some. Poorly*.…

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