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Tag: programming

Thoughts on Go slices and beginner’s mind

Beginner’s mind can be such a gift, if I can get over myself to enjoy it. I think some of…

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On learning Go (and transitioning from JS)

I’ve been thinking about writing out why I went looking for a Go programmer position, some feels on making the…

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The Multitude of Interfaces

[this post was also posted to Medium] Over the last few years, I’ve taken an intentional direction towards working in…

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“git butts” : Add your own commands to git! With Node!

While I was visiting New York a few weeks ago, I paired on writing arbitrary git commands with Jeff Fowler.…

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Lua is weird!

I recently merged my first feature on a Lua project, so first, YAY! And now, I want to talk about…

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We have a new podcast: Turing Incomplete

Read more > We have a new podcast: Turing Incomplete
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