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Global Diversity CFP Day Recap (Philly edition)


This past Saturday, Sarah Gray and I organized the Philly edition of the first Global Diversity CFP Day. Sharing some post-event thoughts. #gdcfpday is underway in #Philly! pic.twitter.com/yblxBAS7l8 — Pam Selle (@pamasaur) February 3, 2018 Why do it? It’s not something I oft say publicly, but I don’t frequently do “diversity work” anymore. For years, […]

Only made possible because of Devs Like You


Last week, I had the honor of keynoting LibertyJS, the regional Philadelphia JavaScript conference that I helped found 4 years ago. During my keynote, I gave a talk on serverless compute (and why you should care) but then included a microtalk at the end about tech community organizing. Credit given where due, I took the […]

Recurse Center Week 10


Last week (the first double digit week!) was shorter because of my trip to speak at NorfolkJS, but I’ve enjoyed looking into the silent dance party app idea, detours into programming for fun, and resident Mark Dominus did some awesome talks! Monday I made a basic file list view in the app, so that you […]

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Lessons from Forward2 + talk slides


Yesterday, I spoke at Forward2 aka ForwardJS, a JavaScript conference in San Francisco. Most of the attendees were local, again affirming my fondness for speaking at regional confs. The organizers made a fantastic line-up (99% of why I accepted an invite to speak there), and I learned a few things that I’ll share here. This […]

Absurdly simple proxying in Rails


Tuesday last week, I was asked if I’d step up to take Comcast’s spot in some lightning talks for Philly Tech Week’s Dev Day, and talk about a technical challenge I solved [nb: this was solved of course with the help of one Trevor Lalish-Menagh, and I learned more about Rack last week!]. I gave […]

When it’s time to start speaking at conferences


Wherever you are at in your career, you might ask yourself “should I speak at conferences?” If you listen to PyCon’s call for proposals (known as a CFP), you’ll see “You. Your friends. Your friends’ friends.” under “Who Should Submit a Proposal.” If you’re looking for more evidence or a shove to say “it’s time to go […]

Video from JSConf EU now online


The video from my talk at JSConf EU is online. I’m a little spastic in it, but people have said they like it (maybe give me a thumbs up on there? apparently there are some haters who thumbs down. wth people?). Thank you JSConf EU for having me and bringing me to Berlin, thanks to […]